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Carrier Barriers to Health and Well-Being

It is well established that when analysing the relationship between individual finances and health or well-being, it is important to consider per capita income. Although, finances might mean various aspects in economics, in health it is only related to level income. Better finances mean more market inputs that can be used to generate health (for example, health care and health insurance). Individuals with better income can buy better health insurance premiums hence have assured health as compared with individuals with poor financial backgrounds (Baker et al., 2010).

Despite the fact that the correlation between health and individual finances does not reflect the impact of the finances on health, various components indicate the influences. Individuals with poor background are always attributed to health and well-being problems as oppose to individuals with higher levels of finances who can access better hospitals with qualified medical professionals.

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The possible solutions of boosting the finances of the people are either through independent or integrated financial support. The government of a certain country like the United States should come up with integrated financial organizations that will help by advising individuals about the best way possible to improve their financial capabilities and level of life. In addition, the state should devise social organization that would offer welfare services to individuals. Consequently, the stress that people have in financial allocation will be reduced thus enabling them to spend their income on health and other vital welfare services.

The other most dynamic solution is using independent financial support. Organizations such as banks and companies among others should take part in corporate social responsibility like building hospitals and offering free health care services to individuals (Chinn, 2011). This will also reduce financial spending hence improve per capita income that will later be used to access health care.

Macro-level Barriers to Health Care

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Community differences, besides those in patient access and facility availability, often lead to reduced utilization of health care for many people. In many communal traditions, the discussion of negative health impacts belongs to both community culture and taboos. In such cases, health care is seen as bringing unwelcome attention to negative outcomes, and in some instances, even seen to increase the chances of individuals to get access to a health facility (McKeary & Newbold, 2010). Among other challenges, the lack of community participation is one of the known causes of poor health care and services to both individuals and separate groups. Moreover, health care access is challenged because the communities are not ready to embrace changes that promote reliable services. For example, various communities in Africa are not able to account for the changes in health care policies that have the negative impacts on the field. Based on health facts, community involvement in health care is a tool to better social and economic status of a country.


Therefore, nations or countries should ensure funding community health projects to increase access to health care. There are several ways that the government can fund such projects. Firstly, the government should encourage community participation and involvement in the projects that promote health care. With the governmental support with funding, communities have a chance to become encouraged and come up with sustainable health projects that can change the lives of people (Piana et al., 2013). Secondly, the community should encourage self-funding projects. This can be done through fund collections from individual members of the community as well as from the collected regional taxes. According to the United State Ministry of Health, the community sponsored projects are amid the successful ones. These increase people’s commitment to support such projects. 

Government Policies are a Barrier to Health Care and Well-being

There are various ways that governments contribute to deprived health care amid individual and communal levels. Firstly, most governments have developed policies and laws that do not support healthcare. For example, the Obama health care bill is one of such policies. This means that the bill helps only a certain part of the society, i.e. the bill supports the affluent, but deprives financial well-being of the poor. The bill has high premium payments that the poor cannot pay; therefore, they have limited opportunities to obtin health insurance in the United States (Piana et al., 2013).

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Another way that the government deprives people of heath care is by limiting access to health facilities. In Africa, access to health is a problem due to unequal distribution of healthcare facilities, especially to the less affluent in the society. Limited funding of the field is also one of the causes of poor health.


Implementing unification and standardization, the government is going to be regulated to provide necessary healthcare services. The government should ensure that it distributes all healthcare resources equitably, eliminating therefore the problem of access to health care. The other avenue that the government should exploit to curb the problem of health care can be fulfilled by ensuring that it funds health care projects sustainably. Countries that cannot financially support such projects should seek international aid from the World Bank and other lending organizations. By funding such projects, citizens are able to access health care without problems. The other way that countries should support the field is by empowering its people about healthy living. This can be possible through education and public campaigns.

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