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Good Will Hunting

For the last few years, the vast majority of films become more action and special effects oriented with unoriginal plots. This tendency may be determined by the viewers’ willingness to see only a bright detailed picture without thinking about its deep meaning. Therefore, modern films usually raise only common or daily problems like a bad job, unanswered love, espionage activities, etc. The purpose of older movies was to entertain and educate at the same time; however, today, one hardly can find a contemporary film with such combination. These abovementioned reasons determined the film choice for analysis, which is a Good Will Hunting as the plot covers a wide range of problems. Since this film considers many negative sides of society that remain topical today, this movie should be analyzed more closely.

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The movie Good Will Hunting (1997) is a story about a young genius, whose outstanding mind cannot prevent him from facing unhappiness in life. The film is generally focused on the main character Will, but all the controversies and struggles depicted make people think about former and present realities, such as inner struggle, family violence, rich people’s attitude towards the poor ones, etc. The scene in the café when the main character gets acquainted with Skylar touches two main problems: relationships between the rich and poor classes, and how different people process information. From the situation depicted, one can make a conclusion that a big amount of money spent on education may not make a person smart and original. In this scene, a student tries to humiliate Chuckie with a pompous speech that appears to be a pure plagiarism. At the same time, it is shown that self-education may not require big financial support, but can make a person smarter than a Harvard graduate.

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The film shows a defining moment of a Will’s life when he meets Skylar and his therapist Dr. Maguire. They helped him with his inner struggle by bringing him out of his comfort zone so he could express suppressed emotions that resulted in shouting at Skylar and crying on the Dr. Maguire’s shoulder. These two characters together with three Will’s close friends point that every person needs a circle of beloved people who would guide and help through the life.

The inner struggle issue can also be vividly observed when Will chooses the work place. He wants to be considered as an independent individual and rebel by picking the job opposite to the one he could easily have. However, he ends up working as a janitor in the Harvard University, which defines his willingness to be noticed by respectful people and to make them appreciate his mind. Writing the correct answer on the board both times only supports the statement.

Severe violence in families is one of the main keys of the plot because without facing constant abuse in the very childhood, Will’s behavioral pattern would be different. Therefore, the film captures the importance of good relations between family members, and vividly shows the consequences of violence for the personality in the adulthood. Bad habits and behavior is a self-defense mechanism activated to protect Will from a serious emotional trauma equal to the one he got from his parents.

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In conclusion, it can be stated that people build their own happiness. The main character Will is a good example because he chose to remain unhappy on purpose, and in the end, he also chose to become happy through dramatic changes, such as accepting the therapy, moving to another city, and opening to a beloved girl. Even smart and genius people can learn something from other individuals that should make people value every human being they meet in life. The film Good Will Hunting is one of the best films to watch and to take wisdom from.

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