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Jesus as the Only Way to Salvation


Jesus Christ is the primary means and principle of the human salvation, since He serves as the only way of reconciliation with God and achievement of the purification. It is true that the new social movements, historical events and philosophic trends have been changing the role of religion in the human lives. On the one hand, it seems that the religion has become relative and subjective since the diversity of values, beliefs and doctrines witnesses about various objectives and interests of each individual. However, on the other hand, the Christian religion preserves its original meaning and provides the only way for soul salvation. According to Christianity, the salvation is possible only through Jesus Christ. This fact is supported by the Biblical quotations and evident facts.

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Jesus as the Road to Heavens

In order to answer the question about the role of Jesus in the salvation, it is essential to ascertain what does the latter mean, according to Christian traditions and beliefs. The Bible states that the main purpose of human lives consists in reaching harmony with God by confessing individual sins and becoming innocent. The Christian salvation is directly connected with finding God and getting rid of all earthly sins and misdoings. From this standpoint, the Christian salvation does not call for any extraordinary actions or achievements. It is available for everyone who decides to reach purity and reconcile with God.

At the same time, the salvation is impossible without accepting Jesus Christ as the only savior and way to heaven. This idea is supported by the Bible, which clearly states that He is the “Way and the Truth and the Life”. No one comes to the Father except through Me” (John 14:6). This quotation witnesses about the necessity to believe in Jesus and consider Him essential for reaching inner peace and harmony (Sweet & Ford 7). The Bible shows that it is impossible to come to heaven without reconciling with Son of God and adhering to His studies and values.

There are several reasons, which explain the unique role of Jesus Christ in the process of salvation. First of all, He was chosen by God to come to the earth and provide the humanity a chance to enter the heaven. It is said that Jesus has taken the sins of the entire world to purify the souls and make them closer to God. The Bible calls Him “the sacrifice for sins” (Hebrews 10:26), “Savior of the World” (Peter 2:4) and “Law and the Prophet” (Matthew 5:17). Such epithets and descriptions prove the importance of Jesus in the salvation. Moreover, it is possible to assume that the latter is impossible without Son of God. From this standpoint, His role is crucial in the forgiveness of human sins and approaching to the heaven.

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Secondly, Jesus Himself emphasized His importance in the process of souls’ salvation. When He was sent to our world, He promised the eternal life to everyone, who believed in Him and followed His principles and values (John 3:14–15). In addition, Jesus is compared to the road, which leads to the heaven. Since He is the only way to the paradise, the humans cannot seek salvation anywhere else. Jesus Christ represents the mean and ways of salvation available for all human beings.

Thirdly, the idea about the unique role of Jesus in the salvation has found its reflection in the words of His pupils and prophets. Peter said that “salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12). All these expressions witness about the essential status of Jesus in the salvation and His contributions to the rescue of humanity from the sins and hell. Besides, Son of God is the only person, who can present forgiveness of sins. The Bible says that salvation consists in the confession of individual sins, which has become possible only because of Jesus’s resurrection (Dyck & Wiebe 299).

Finally, it is necessary to admit that God sends His mercy to humanity through the deeds and expressions of Jesus Christ who was sent to the world with the sole purpose, which consisted in granting a new chance for the humanity to enter the heaven. Therefore, God defined the unique mission of Jesus on the earth and intended to save people from the darkness and sins in such a way (Peterson 12). From this point of view, it becomes obvious that Son of God plays a crucial role in the salvation of every individual. The acceptance of Him as savior and road to heaven is the only way to confess the sins and reach innocence and reconciliation with God.

Alternative Views on the Role of Jesus in the Salvation

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Many suppose that the belief in Jesus Christ as the only way to salvation sounds exaggerated and arrogant (Piper 8). The modern world, which confesses the pluralism of ideas and diversity of religions, contradicts the conception about the exclusive place of Son of God in the process of salvation. The matter is that every individual is free to choose the religious beliefs and decide on the most optimal ways to salvation. The evidence shows that different religions set various goals and purposes of the human lives. Analogically, the explanations of the death and life after death also differ, in accordance with various interests, preferences and principles. Such a situation reduces the significance of the idea about the role of Jesus in salvation.

However, the above mentioned argument does not consider the variety of approaches to the issue of salvation. When speaking about the Christian outlook and principles, the role of Jesus in the process of salvation becomes crucial and essential. This fact cannot be denied under the influence of new religious movements and trends, since the Biblical quotations clearly witness about the importance of Son of God in rescuing the humanity from sins.

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