Consumer Behavior: Decision Making Process

1. During the need recognition process, the most important steps and processes are to consider my wants and specific requirements to the car I want to buy. It involves the identification and development of the considerations and specifications of the products that can satisfy my want. For instance, I would consider a five-seated car with low fuel consumption. This would form the main consideration in deciding whether to buy a certain vehicle or another one. Additionally, I would also consider the external popularity of certain car. For instance, I would buy car with a good reputation and brand unlike other vehicle with a tarnished brand image. In searching for the vehicle, I would visit credible car dealers and distributors with perfect market information about quality car brands. Most importantly, it would be easy to conduct an Internet search on the specific and desired car brand such as a Mercedes Benz C Class. Both the search and development process are critical in the overall need recognition process, as they guide it identifying the specific vehicle brand to purchase.

2. Synergy and peer pressure are the two main concepts of group/interpersonal influences on my decision making process. Synergy entails the discussion with my relatives or friends on the perceived car model. After several moments of discussion, I would be able to make up my mind based on the issues and ideas raised from the brainstorming. Thus, synergy with colleagues or family members would influence my choice of the best car model to purchase. Most importantly, peer pressure is another group factor, which would affect my decision to buy a specific car model. It describes a process whereby I observe my friend or colleagues using certain car models. I would also be impacted to purchase a similar car brand. These entail the main concepts of group and interpersonal influence, which affect the overall decision making process.

3. Consumer culture concepts influence the construction of a personal identity as well as the relationship with other persons. The development of personal identity involves the creation of a personal perception about the various products in the market. I believe I have always had a strong identity and belief in myself. It involves a sense of direction and acceptance of my values and aspirations. My personal identity would definitely influence my choice of the appropriate and best car model. Most importantly, my consumer culture depends on the interpretations of the relationship with other consumers. I usually tend to follow the choices and behavior of the people who are close to me such as friends and relatives. Thus, I would buy a car, which is recommended by any of the relatives or friends. The two consumer cultures also influence my decision making process towards purchasing a certain car model. As a result, the consumer culture significantly impacts on the preference of a certain car brand.

4. Two main psychological factors that would affect by decision-making process include lifestyles and motivation. I always look to move along with the current trends and lifestyles in my society. Thus, I would be only the recent car models which fit to my kind of lifestyle. It would be unlikely that I would purchase an older car model. Each year, the car manufacturing companies develop new car models and brands which set trends across the world. I would be only ready to buy the trending car in the market. In terms of motivation, I could be motivated to purchase a car which would fit my social status and class. For instance, my peers would motivate me to buy a car, which would appeal to them. Therefore, the lifestyles and motivation are the main psychological factors, which could influence my decision to purchase a recent and luxurious car model.

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