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Long Distance Relationships Among College Students

The content analysis strategy to be used in researching the topic is the conceptual analysis. Conceptual analysis involves the selection of a concept for examination taking note of the frequency at which the chosen concept appears in the text being analyzed. This research will be investigating the rationale behind long distance relationships among college students and its effect on their social lives.

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The units of analysis for this research will be the article appearing in The Prospector, published on February 12, 2013. The article is entitled: “Long distance Relationships among students”. The population under study, therefore, is specifically college students, in various colleges. College students are more likely to be in long distance relationships than other sections of the society due to schooling. This is mostly because college students get separated when they join colleges, and some do not physically meet for a long time. This is because they may be constrained either financially or logistically (Aleman, 2013).

The concept of making accommodations in order to manage long distance relations among college students forms the backbone of this content analysis. In this article, students in long distance relationships, like any other person, have to constantly make certain accommodations in order to make the relationship work and last. Considering the fact that students in long distance relationships can hardly meet, they have to make certain arrangements to keep the relationships running.

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Students make the necessary accommodations in various ways. First and foremost, the students have to understand that they will be separated geographically from their sweethearts. Therefore, they have to prepare psychologically to avoid stress. Secondly, they have to keep communicating through whatever means that is available, for example, emails, skype and social media among others (Aleman, 2013). They also need to send gifts to each other in order to make the relationship more meaningful. If possible, an occasional visit will go a long way in cementing the relationship.

This research will rely on sampling as a method of data collection. The researchers will select a number of colleges from which to get respondents, who are college students. From each college, the researchers will also select a number of students as their respondents. The size of the sample will depend on several factors; most notably among them is the population size. 500 students will be selected from colleges with a maximum of 5,000 students. Higher student populations in colleges will require bigger samples, as will be determined by the researchers. A total number of fifty colleges will be selected for this research.

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Another article “How to Handle Long-Distance Relationships While in College” from has also been selected for the purpose of refining the coding procedures used in this research (Lucier, 2013). This article also outlines various steps that students in long-distance relationships can take to ensure that such relationships are successful. It also emphasizes on the need to accommodate and make adjustments in students’ lives in order to run such relationships. The use of conceptual analysis in this research is, therefore, quite appropriate. This is because it will enable the researchers reveal any differences in communication realize attitudinal and behavioral responses to communications from different people. Through this, they will determine the effect of long distance relationships on college students.

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