Global Warming

Global warming is a condition whereby there is a gradual increase in the Earth’s average temperatures. Scientists believe that this change could be permanent. The oceans, the seas and the Arctic and Antarctic poles are also warming up and this has always caused great alarm amongst scientists and government officials. Burning of fossil fuels, agriculture and land clearing are some of the few human activities that have greatly contributed to global warming by increasing the amount of gases such as carbon dioxide as well as other green house gases. Global warming has caused an increase in sea levels due to the melting of ice caps in the polar region and also storms and other weather events have become rampant.

Data is usually collected by researchers and scientists to determine the damage caused by global warming or the extent to which global warming is expected to rise. Quantitative data is used by scientists since a precise conclusion is required. Qualitative data is rarely used since the scientists cannot use any information gained during their research to come up with a conclusion, all participants of the research should have almost identical data, and evolution of methodology is not accepted in the case of global warming (Charles, 2003).

Scientists use various data from their work stations, e.g. temperatures from 50 years to see how the change pattern is over the years till date. To collect the Ice Core level temperatures, samples from the Antarctic and arctic regions are collected and analyzed to come up with a concise conclusion. Carbon dioxide concentration is also looked at by looking at power plants in certain areas. Through the collection of this data, the scientists are bale to tell weather there is global warming or not and if there is, the extent to which it exists and the possible threats it causes to planet earth.



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