Factors Influencing Place Attachment to Coffee Shops

This research will be investigating the factors that influence place attachment to coffee shops. The hypothesis of this research states that people develop special bonds with certain settings that hold special meaning to them through a set of related phenomena rather than a single phenomenon (Waxman, 2006). This research will use the Chi-square test of independence for statistical testing. This is because it is the most appropriate for large sample sizes that are required for this research.

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This research is significant. The findings of this research will help various players in the coffee shop market to enhance their business meet the factors that lead people to develop place attachment with coffee houses. It will also make coffee places important venues for people to interact and boost social relations. The scope of this research will cover both the physical and the social factors that lead to the development of place attachment to coffee shops.

The research instrument to be used is a survey. This is because the research requires a large number of respondents and the geographical area to be covered. This will result into the selection of a large sample size in order to increase the accuracy of the findings. The methods of collecting data will be observation, interviewing and use of questionnaires. The data collected will be analyzed in tables and graphical representation.

The research design will involve several steps. The first step is identification of the research topic, followed by a statement of the thesis. Next step is a detailed literature review on the research topic, followed by data analysis and a description of the methods of data collection and the research instrument used. Then, there will be an explanation of the findings. The last step is making conclusions and recommendations.

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To reduce sampling error, this research will use the stratified sampling technique. The respondents will be stratified according to gender, age, profession and location. Random sampling will then be used to select a sufficient number of persons from each stratum. A sufficient number of respondents refer to a sample size that is large enough to represent the entire population with a minimum margin of error.

The data collected in this research will be analyzed for trends. The trends so established will answer the main research question, which is: what factors influence place attachment to coffee shops? The research will also be seeking the answer as to why some coffee shops are more popular than others despite offering the same services.

This research will put into considerations a number of ethical issues. This is because the process of this research may infringe on people’s privacy and this may affect the authenticity of information offered by respondents. It will be important for the researchers to conduct a pilot study so as to familiarize themselves with their respondents. Another ethical issue will be the issue of confidentiality. The researchers have to ensure that information gathered from the respondents is used only for the purpose of the research and nothing else.

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The findings of this research will be presented in academic journals for peer reviewing before being made available for public consumption. Peer reviewing is important as it enables the researchers to get feedback concerning the research. The researcher may then make adjustments if necessary in order to fine tune the report. The findings of this research may also be made available in newspapers, magazines, or online at a given web address.

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