Critique of a Nursing Research Article


The paper introduces the question of the study and goes forward to explain the ways in which the solutions to the question can be implemented. The paper delves into the past, giving the statistics of the occurrence of accidents. It also tackles the issue of accidents related to bicycles, how they cause fatal injuries that sometimes lead to death. The author quotes researches that have already been done and uses the data to inform the reader of the need for the study. The author then introduces the health belief model. This is a nursing theory that relates to the research. It is applied in the assessment of the use of helmets and its safety.

Research Problem

There are many accidents related to bicycles. Although these modes of transportation are not usually prone to accidents, the consequences related to them are sometimes vital. The paper explains the research question in detail and allows the reader to understand the purpose of the study from the definition of the research problem.

Research Question

Does the use of helmets reduce the risk of injuries, particularly head injuries?

The paper tries to answer the question in many ways, using questionnaires and analysis of existing literature on the subject.

Research Hypotheses

The relationship between the severity of head injuries and the use of helmets, the study in question deals with the hypothesis but on a lighter note. It does not delve into the matter too much; maybe expecting that another major research will be done that will deal with the issue broadly. This limitation may arise due to limited funding.

Research variables include such items as

  • helmet use
  • risk of head injuries

The study articulates the variables very well, even explaining the meaning of each of them. Helmet use concerns itself with the use of a material that protects the head from injuries when one is befallen by an accident. The helmet can also be used when riding a motorbike. Racecar drivers make use of it as well.

Research Purpose

The study was conducted to ascertain if the helmet use reduces the risk of head injuries concerning people who ride bicycles. The research dealt well with the issue at hand and made proper conclusions on the use of helmets. The health problem related to head injuries was also reviewed well.

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Literature Review

The research reviewed in the study revealed that the data obtained during the exploration was consistent in relation to the use of helmets when riding a bike. The research found that the protective effect of helmets was of a greater significance. A review of the data conducted in the previous studies was proved to be overwhelming in support of helmet use. The author cited a paper of precursors that claimed that the experience of riding helps reduce the cases of accidents and eventual injuries, whether to the head or other part of the body.

In addition, Mwakapasa (2011) articulates the research on the severity of the injuries caused by bicycle accidents with reference to helmet use. Although the researcher evaluated the vulnerability of the head being injured, he did not mention the specific parts that would be injured. In summary, the research about the injuries related to bicycles has not been done recently, and hence, this finding underlines the need to collect up-to-date data with respect to the issue. Therefore, it is essential to conduct a study that will discuss today’s use of helmets when riding a bicycle. This concern is especially important since the use of helmets in this process helps to prevent severe injuries that might lead to death.

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Ethical Issues

The only requirement the study needed was to go-ahead from the administration of the areas under study. The research did not involve private matters and, therefore, the results must not be hidden. The study addressed all the issues concerned with the administration and the researchers deserve a bravo for their work.



The study used questionnaires to find answers to research questions. The design employed cross-sectional studies. In addition, there were interpreters to assist the participants involved in the inquiry to understand the questions. These measurements helped to get the real issues in the study and get conclusive results. The study utilized randomized controlled trials, which gauged the usefulness of use of helmets in preventing head injuries by means of observations. The design applied during the research procedure helped to get unbiased results.

The research was meant to shape the significance of the use of helmets in the prevention of vital accidents. From the results of the exploration, it was found out that the use of helmets reduced the risk of fatalities related to the head injuries. Thus, the research is valid because it managed to answer its question. The study with regard to bicycles and safety was conducted long time ago, and in this way, the need for a current research was evident. It follows that the recent inquiry by Mwakapasa (2011) is reliable in gauging the various variables concerned with bicycles, riding and safety.

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Sample and Procedure

The sample was derived from people and cyclist who had experienced a crash. They were asked if they had their helmets on at the time crash or not. The sampling used in the research was satisfactory since the focus of the study was to find out the relationship between safety and use of helmets. The study sample was from Tanzania only. The researchers should have included neighboring nations to get an opportunity to generalize their results.

The article utilized the use of a controlled procedure. Specifically, the studies were completed; the outcome was then ascertained by using accurate exposure measurement to reduce bias in the sample under analysis.



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