Good Nursing Personal Statement

A nursing personal statement is a paper that can demonstrate your personal and professional qualities. If you graduated from college, you have the opportunity to participate in various internship programs for novice nurses or to get a scholarship to continue your studies.

Structure of Nursing Personal Statement

First of all, this essay should contain information about your education. It is important to indicate not only your grades but also your achievements, for example, if you are engaged in scientific work and have several publications in journals, write about it.

Another point about, which you should tell in detail, is your work experience and your skills. Being a student, do not hesitate to visit hospitals and practice constantly. This way, you can significantly improve your qualifications.

Another rule of creating a nursing personal statement is that you have to write a small essay about your attitude to this work and describe how important nursing is in your life. This text will help the admissions committee to determine what kind of character you have and whether work in the hospital is your calling.

After understanding the structure of a proper nursing personal statement, it is time to start writing it. To do this, you need to know several rules of writing good texts.

Do not Hurry

You should realize that creating a nursing personal statement is a very serious task. So make sure you have enough time to complete it. Do not rush; reread your text several times.

Use Many Terms

Work in the medical field implies knowledge of many terms. Use them in your text. Thus, you can show that you are well-oriented in these definitions and have good knowledge.

Avoid Mistakes

Errors in your essay can negatively affect the evaluation of your nursing personal statement. Be very careful and correct all inaccuracies. Using computer programs for automatic text correction can greatly simplify the writing process. It is also important to pay attention to the style of your paper. Do not use vernaculars and slang; you need to write your paper in a scientific or scientific-journalistic style.

Be Creative

While writing your thoughts about your attitude to nursing, it is worthwhile to show your creative abilities. If you write that you decided to become a nurse because this is a good job, you are unlikely to surprise the admissions office. It is worth describing your feelings and emotions that you are being called upon to help and care for sick people, and what moral values encouraged you to choose this profession.

Do not Be Afraid to Be Indiscreet

It is worth describing all your advantages and achievements in your nursing personal statement. Do not be afraid to be considered immodest. Write even about the experience, which at first glance seems to you unimportant. In fact, it may play a decisive role.


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