Boomerang Kids in Modern Society

Every person in modern society has his/ her own understanding of what family is. If many years ago, fathers were perceived as breadwinners and had authoritarian relationships with their children, now the connection is more intimate and mothers can play a role of breadwinners. Thus, as the society evolves, new problems and issues, which could have never existed before, arise. Thereafter, the objective of the fowling paper is to discuss the phenomenon of ‘boomerang kids’ and what impact it has on a society today.

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The nuclear family model is considered one of the most appropriate examples of how a family should look like nowadays, but it has recently been stretched by “Accordion Family’, where adult children stay to live with their parents until thirties. Newman introduced the phenomenon in 2012 and since 1970s the trend to live with parents has increased by 50%. The great recession only deepened the problem. It has been like that for a while and blue-color working class suffer the most, as they are ‘trapped’ in labor disadvantage and can not afford buying real estate. Middle class has been doing well until recently. Thus, the first ‘abnormalities’ were seen in 1990, when ‘parasite children’ in Japan refused to enter the adulthood and take the responsibility on themselves, which is why they preferred to stay with their parents. The media has started to reach and discuss possibilities why this could have happened. Among the most common reasons was the inability of youngsters to deal with modern problems of society, and overprotective parents.

However, according to Newman, adults aged around 26 years old are looking forward for time, when they can start something on their own and live independently. This is where globalization and modern society play a very important role, as they create the main hinders. The competition on labor markets is very high and wage cut is the main consequence of that. Thus, if the children stay at home, waiting until they earn more that is fine, but playing video games at 30 and having no desire to be independent is a warning sign (Newman).

Nowadays it has become obvious that boomerang children are going to stay in society for a while. Times, when children could not wait until they leave their houses have passed and today researchers post more and more evidence that inability to find or unavailability of well-paid jobs is the main root cause of the mentioned problem. This is actually a problem because without an incentive to leave houses, youngsters do not want to look for well-paid jobs or even prefer to stay jobless, which has a negative impact on economy in general. It also has a great impact on the recovery of the housing market - a very serious issue nowadays. In 2013, the Census Bureau has reported that homeownership level has decreased by 65% since 1995.  

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Nowadays, modern therapists speak about two types of boomerang children, which are ‘perma-child’ and those who plan to have future homes. It seems when the economy is going to improve, certain percentage of boomerang kids would move out, but it is impossible if nothing is done by the youngsters. This vicious circle is hard to break (Christie, 2013).   

Another serious problem that society is facing and that is also present in boomerang children is related to those who are too reluctant to do anything. Youngsters do not want to pay rent and take responsibility on themselves and patiently wait until they get a better financial condition, no matter how many years it might take. This leads to ‘passive type’ of behavior, lack of leadership skill and no clear vision of goals and targets among boomerang children. Young people find it hard to pick out something and put all efforts to build a strong career in that area, which is why they just patiently wait.

There are hopes that boomerang children are temporary phenomenon and by 2015, youngsters would look for more independence and become responsible much quicker. However, another root cause might play a significant part in that the previously mentioned statement is not going to take place. The matter is that boomerang children were raised that way and if in 1969 everyone was married in early 20s, now this is far from being like that. People’s mindset has changed and no one wants to take that much responsibility so early. This also has a negative impact on the society, as there might be no one in the future who is happy to take the risk and start new businesses, develop the economy and simply move forward (Davidson, 2014).  

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In conclusion, it is important to mention that the facts state that boomerang children are not going away from the society anytime soon. The view on the boomerang children might not be always negative, as some are happy with what they have and parents also want to see their children with them for as long as possible. Globalization forces society to pay less for the variety of jobs, and such thing as work at home and freelances, which have flexible schedules, make people feel comfortable to stay with parents until their thirties or even later. The recession that is not going to end soon and society might perceive the notion of ‘boomerang kids’ as completely normal.   

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