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1. Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women is a treaty, which affirms women in fulfilling their rights to chose culture and traditions for their children as well as for themselves. The convention comes from the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). It was founded in 1982 and included 23 experts on female issues. Experts investigate issues around the world and fight for an establishment of an appropriate environment for women’s life. The committee ensures that men do not limit women in their rights to live in any cultural environment free from violence and tension. Annually, government representatives reflect living conditions of women in their reports. Four-year summary of all reports shows the picture of women living in the surrounding world, where men strive to dominate. It may seem that CEDAW is strictly feministic organization. However, it strives to keep a balance between men’s and women’s rights. Equality of sexes is the main aim of the organization. Today, the main aspiration of CEDAW is to provide women with protection and safety.

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2. In the world of men, women are those who have no right to cross the line of the men’s territory. It means that women should always be in their place. It is the duty of a woman to give birth to a child, take care of the household, and satisfy men’s needs. In many countries, a woman has no right to do business. Today, many feminists strive to spread a healthy competition among men and women in the business world. However, it is obvious that men tend to limit women by keeping them in their place. They prefer to have a wife who will stay at home and take care of children. Men automatically put women’s efforts to do business at the impossible level. It is the limit, which exists in the society and does not let many women fulfill their rights to be successful businesswomen.

3. China, India, Gambia, Egypt, Turkey, Africa, and some other parts of the world are the countries, where women belong to their husbands. Moreover, in such countries, a husband can have as many wives as he can take care of. There are many cases when a woman cannot even see her husband before marriage. Family chooses a husband without approval of a woman. Sometimes, families choose a husband as soon as a female baby comes to the world. In these families, women have no right to refuse to enter into a marriage with a chosen husband. In Muslim world, women also belong to their husbands.

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4. Brunei, Uganda, Jamaica, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Iran, and Turkey constitute the list of countries, where lesbians are considered to be illegal. In particular, Sudan is a country, where lesbians are stoned to death. However, there are also many cases when women are stoned to death in Nigeria, Somalia, and Malaysia. These countries refuse to recognize homosexual citizens. They do not accept lesbians in particular. There are many cases when women have no right to live because they do not want to enter into a marriage with a man. Many organizations consider such reprisal as murders, which put women at fear and limit their rights.

5. Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior, which involves abuse or violence of a family member against another. Usually, it involves physical, sexual, emotional, economic abuse, and rape. It leads to the problems in families, where children grow in fear and depression. This type of violence does not have an ethical character. Mainly, it has a character of flashes of anger and irritation. Intimate violence and rape are one of the most dangerous types of domestic violence. Men tend to abuse women and children. In some cases, it may lead to murders. In general, domestic violence affects all members by putting them in tension and stress (Seager, 2009). Finally, domestic violence damages health of all family members. It is a major concern of organizations striving to protect women and children from domestic violence.

6. Honor killing is a homicide within a family committed by one of the family members due to a shame put on the family by another member. It is committed according to the beliefs of the murderer about perfect family existence, norms and principles. This pattern of behavior comes from the medieval ages, when royal families strived to protect their families from shame. There are different reasons for honor killing. Refusal to enter into a marriage, homosexuality, sex outside marriage, inappropriate dressing, and dishonor are the most common factors leading to honor killing. Families involved in honor killing believe that they act right by killing the one who broke the rules within the family. They believe that they can clean up the burden put on the family by another member. Despite the fact that these family members get into prison, they believe that they take care of the future generation in this way. However, murder can only blacken the reputation of the family instead of recovering it. Today, honor killings still exist because many families refuse to accept mistakes of other family members and solve problems in peaceful ways.

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7. Son preference is a phenomenon popular in China, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, India, Pakistan, Malaysia and some other countries. It is popular due to the stereotype that men are naturally stronger on both physical and psychological levels. Society in these countries believes that men are more likely to be successful and bring the surrounding world to the new level of development. However, son preference slowly displaces women. As long as it has become a normal thing to make abortions in case a woman has a female baby, society does not notice the damage done to the future generation. If son preference continues to evolve, there will be not enough women able to reproduce the balance between the number of men and women. In the beginning, it may lead to the blend of different cultures. However, it will end up with a decreasing number of women.

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