Performing Exhibitions

1. The act of performing exhibitions requires individuals to be more creative as clients mostly visit these events during their leisure time. In other instances, exhibitions are used to demonstrate occasions such as teaching lessons and campaigns to attract people. They are used to advertise the company’s products to the public. Exhibitions are important as they attract and influence more customers so that they like the product.

It is required to follow a certain sequence while arranging events so that the most important event is followed by the least one. It is also important to do all the preparations to the exhibition in advance but not immediately in the opening day. The official service contractor is supposed to make sure that each individual is aware of the duty he or she is supposed to perform. The exhibits should be arranged in such a way that they will be displayed early in the morning. On the side of those who are to display the exhibition materials, it is necessary for them to carry out their duties accurately and on time in order to outrun competitors.

2. The company which is showing the exhibition should be registered to avoid being inconvenienced by the relevant body from performing their exhibition. One should register with exhibitor registration board and issue with the registration forms. The company that contains the certificate for registration is given the chance to perform. To avoid the event to coincide with the other companies’ performance, each company should be informed about the schedule avoid loses. The staffs need to have other company’s phone numbers for consultation. The techno pods company did not present the previous day to pick the number as this was recommended for the company that was going to perform. Here, the company that was to act did not go for badges as their competitor went and picked the badges. This was to guarantee them to go on and perform.

The company that performed was recognized to take the first place in the act of performing and was known and honored. This is why the writer says that Techno has taken place; this statement shows that Jazzy Juice used to hold their occasions frequently. The staffs need to be at the site much before the schedule start officially. The company was to arrive to the venue early in the morning so as to start preparing early for them to perform well without any inconvenience this is well displayed. The booth needs to be organized earlier so as to allow proper and adequate time to perform and leave back.

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3. The participants who perform the exhibition are supposed to construct up the floor. They are supposed to construct the floor for themselves. The floor that is used for performing is supposed to be built one day prior to the day the exact exhibition should take place. Staffs employed daily should be engaged while those standing by should be involved during constructing the floor as it implies many different tasks. If this work exceeds them and it turns out that this might go to the following day, new working people should be hired and paid as per the work done. This may be avoided by training some guys and keeping them standing by.

Materials should be organized in such a way that they will arrive on the site without being the rate, so the means of transport should be accessible to avoid inconveniences. The company works best where the labor is divided among the working staffs. This is to create division of labor so that nobody can be there to ask what to do during the occasion. The permanently employed people should work as department managers to make the work easier. These department staffs take care of the assigned line of field. These departments are supposed to be divided in such a way that all the departments are equally assigned the same amount of duties to perform.

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4. The site selected should be more spacious to allow audience and exhibitors to have enough space to perform. The exhibitors should be at a higher raised ground for the viewers to have a good room to view them. The conference room should provide not less than 300,000 square feet of exhibit space. This is to provide enough space; to act on less than this space should never be encouraged for exhibition. Future plan must be set as to improve this space that gives room for more activities in the stage at ago. This plan will improve exhibition much as more room is needed for acting.

The appliances that are used should be assigned to the experts who understand them best so as to arrange them to their line of functionality. Everybody should be to his or her line of expertise so as to try and balance the whole team and advice on the areas that may require advice for the whole job to be easier. Acquiring the tools that are required, there must be these experts who advice as they know a lot from their line of career. This reduces the expenses as these are permanent workers who are paid monthly.

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The manager is supposed to be following on the happening event to keep updated so as not to cause non expected actions in the exhibition floor. The manager has the responsibility to negotiate about the issues as we find that Lucy complaining that exhibitors insisted on talking with the manager directly. Attendees who approached the conference requested to speak to the manager about the booth display in the hall. The women who were present were not happy with what they saw. They did not like the company that specialized with temporary tattoos, but instead, they liked the company that was flexible with their tattoos.

The model used by the temporary company, which was known as the Nude Finale, was not commendable by the AMMP. This was contrary to their values hence insisting on putting a stop to their display. Women required to be assured that they will be investigated and, as a result, thanked for their concern. If there is no option taken, they promise to inform the local authority immediately. The people attending these events should be prepared on places where they will rest at the end of the day. Such conferences should be held in halls having hotels that will accommodate all the participants.

5. Poor management is port laid where we see that 4,500 participants who attended the conference went to stay at the neighboring hotels. Those participating should have clear spacious rooms to view and participate in cheering as this is done to relax and enjoy themselves. Restaurants found in these places should have the capability of providing all the types of food that the customer might require. These restaurants should be encouraged to provide the entire necessary requirement so as to make the users more comfortable.

Good management should have those leaders with experience as they strategize from the past and not as from their thoughts. Proper managed company individuals should have their role to play in a company as there are different fields composed in a company. Division of labor makes the work easier as everybody puts efforts in his or her field of career. Other trainees should be kept aside who would be used during the time of assisting those working as a staff. Before initiating these exhibitions, they should be registered and issued the certificate so as to work confidently. The entire requirement needed should also be purchased to facilitate easy and adequate work.

These shows should be held on the venue that is capable of holding huge crowds of people, such as stadiums. Proper and highly managed hotels should be located near these centers to make sure that nobody faces the problem of taking whatever he or she likes. The company that is performing should have contacts to those other companies to avoid collision as everybody needs to perform and get paid. Different companies must make clear and more improved way of communicating to other exhibitors. This will later benefit them as they can reduce the loss because, if they are going to act an exhibition near their place, they can lend or borrow their instruments. This reduces the costs as transport is now deducted.

Floor needs to be prepared earlier; even if it is prepared one day earlier, it is better to facilitate faster preparation during the exhibitions day. Booths should be encouraged and prepared to be permanent exhibitions place for individuals who do not have all the facilities. Practice makes perfect as exhibitors do more of functions ending up becoming perfect actors who act international wide. These booths facilities are supposed to be assigned aside for the government to be earning revenue from it as many can use of it. Theatres used to train individuals should be set aside to facilitate more of the jobless to get their own self employed jobs. This is to provide good and enough space to produce experts who should be encouraged in exhibition.

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