Global Warming

In the last decades, global warming has become a hot issue for the whole planet and its population. It remains the most widely discussed topic in the world. Scientists have been trying to find an explanation for increasing temperatures on the planet. Some of them say it is people’s fault that the climate is getting warmer. Some people, who are not related to science, claim that it is a natural inevitable process, and others hold the opinion that there is no such thing as global warming at all. However, the fact that our planet is changing its normal state is undeniable. Moreover, if there were nothing to fear, there would have been no discussion of this problem. Yet, people from all over the world are concerned with this question and try to find ways and methods to stop the planet from collapsing.

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Our planet is really in danger. Due to the rise of the temperature, there are more and more wildfires, storms, and other natural disasters occurring all over the world. Glaciers are melting causing the rise of sea levels. There are numerous consequences of global warming ranging from non-threatening and to disastrous ones. All living organisms are subjected to the changes of the climate; each year, the temperature gets higher than the in previous one. The 12 warmest years have occured since 1998; the year 2012 was the hottest of them in the United States (Union of Concerned Scientists, n.d.).

From my point of view, the Earth is sending people a message that they should stop exploiting and destroying the nature; otherwise, they will have to face severe consequences. I think that global warming is the terrible result of human activity, which they tend to ignore nowadays. The planet itself is not the one to blame for all disasters that are happening. People are the ones who bear responsibility for huge carbon emissions, combustion of fossil fuels in cars, industries, and production of electricity. There is a variety of so-called greenhouse gases, each of them differently influencing the atmosphere (National Geographic). There can be several ways for people to reduce their negative influence on the atmosphere and postpone the global warming. However, I think it is impossible for them to abandon car usage, refuse from mass electricity production, and follow the 19th century lifestyle. Yet, people should be aware of the effects that global warming has on their health and the health of their families. If they do not care about the environment, they should at least care about themselves.

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Nevertheless, there is another point of view stating that global warming is not real. According to The American Spectator article, environmentalists always have to solve some crisis and some money to roll in. In other words, the increase of temperature level is quite exaggerated. Satellite measurements of surface temperatures prove that there has been no significant rise over the last thirty years. That is why all those talks about terrible consequences of global warming are just to put panic in hearts of people. The belief that carbon dioxide emissions cause global warming is also disputable. In fact, it is well-known that carbon dioxide is essential for growing of plants, and plants are vital for animals. Any increase in carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere is a delight for nature lovers, because it makes trees, plants, and forests grow more abundantly (Bethell, 2005).

Many people agree that the alarm of global warming is false. Researchers suggest that man-made gas emissions have not really increased the temperature on the planet. Besides the evident facts of global warming not existing, there is a lot of proof that temperature rises are not caused by the emitted fumes and gases. On the contrary, in the period from 1940 to 1075, there was an abundant emission of fumes from coal-fired plants, but the Earth cooled instead of getting warmer. Moreover, if the theory of man-made global warming is true, the surface should have increased its temperature steadily and dramatically, but it did not. During the entire 20th century, the temperature has increased only on one degree Fahrenheit, which is not a catastrophic number (Bethell, 2005).

There are sceptics who think that even if global warming is real, it is good for the nature and should not be stopped. They believe that the climate change is a regular natural phenomenon and that emitted gases and human activities have nothing to do with it. It has been proved that earlier the Earth has been warmer than today and was absolutely suitable for living. Therefore, there is nothing to be afraid of, because it will take us to the past more natural climate (Carter, 2009).

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Everybody has his/her opinion about the issue of global warming, and each opinion is worth taking into consideration. However, disregarding the existence or non-existence of global warming, it can be said that people should always care about the environment and nature. It does not matter whether or not there is an ecological threat. I support the idea that global warming is really hard on our heels, because those who do not believe it are in denial. Most people who think that human activity does not have effect on nature and climate are making excuses to justify their terrible treatment of the environment.

There can be many arguments for and against the existence of global warming, but it has been proved that climate change is a chaotic and complicated phenomenon (Carter, 2009). Therefore, it is almost impossible to explain it or make predictions. Global warming may not be as bad as everybody thinks, but some changes are really happening. Whatever the truth is, people should always respect and value nature, because it is the most precious thing in the world.

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