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DNA analysis has a significant role in the modern forensic science. As opposed to palm prints, DNA remains are more difficult to remove. It allows forensic scientists to indicate a criminal with 100% certainty. The most spread and effective use of DNA in forensic science is the analysis of blood that may be collected from clothes of a suspect. It allows to make a prosecutor sure that the person is guilty in a crime. Another way of use DNA is the remains of hair or saliva that can be accidentally left on the place of a crime or clothes. Additionally, DNA is useful in the investigation of rapes because the analysis of sperm allows finding a suspect. Thus, the DNA analysis during a crime investigation may help forensic scientists to reveal a suspect’s guilt.

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The evolution of population may have a strong effect on the environment; therefore, it is quite important, especially nowadays. For instance, the evolution of population takes place among humans and it grew in multiple times only for a few decades. Additionally, the humanity may now encounter the extreme population evolution among microbes. Their cell division and binary fission cause uncontrollable growth of their population. Moreover, bacteria are the most vital organisms on the planet that makes them difficult to be eliminated. Their vitality along with uncontrollable breeding makes their population evolution extremely fast. As soon as their characteristics are not controllable, the humanity faces new virus strains, which were unknown before. The progress of microbiological technologies also allows to concentrate the required number of useful bacteria in food.

Biological diversity evolution is one of the most significant aspects of life on the Earth. It is considered to be one of the main indicators of vital capacity of an organism. All organisms evolve during their life, although it may not be quite evident at this time. Nowadays, biological diversity evolution may be seen in a transformation of some species and their adaption to the environment. At the same time, the world faces elimination and extermination of certain species of animals and plants, and the number of their population is extremely decreasing. Also, this is kind of biological diversity evolution can be viewed as a normal process of life and essential selection. Biological diversity is also an important aspect in modern agriculture that allows a creating a natural variety in a limited area. Additionally, biological diversity of various species is beneficial for modern pharmaceutics and genetics.

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Visually, the evolution of plants and animals probably cannot be seen, especially taking into account a decreasing population and extermination of some species. However, there is an evolution of all organisms, even if not physical, but genetic. No one can claim that our environment has not changed because of pollution. It means that all living organisms, both animals and plants, and also humans adapted to it. Even humans evolve in the modern time: their wisdom teeth and appendix have been changed a lettle, although the changes are not common for all people. Hence, one may consider a mutation of some species as a kind of evolution, and mutations are common for all species that inhabit areas with unusual environment and ecology. Additionally, one should take into account that evolution of plants and animals took millions of years before scientists encountered them in a way they look like today. Therefore, it is hard to consider even about minimal evolution of plants and animals today.

The growth of population is a problem not only of people but also of animals. Overpopulation of humans is a well-known issue in many Asian countries, such as China, India and many others, which try to struggle against it with a birth control. Additionally, domestic animals overpopulate the planet, and many organizations make attempts to fight against it with sterilization. Another example is insects. The absence of any effective measure of decreasing their population leads to their breeding out of control. The growth of population of any certain species is a natural process that only proves the essential selection, which is mostly evident in our time. It appears that the most vital organisms are the most highly populated. Unfortunately, nowadays, the most populated organisms are those, which are the most harmful for human life such as vermin.

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Biomes and ecosystems are the foundation of the natural life in our planet. Nowadays, many biomes and ecosystems are to be exterminated or their area decreases extremely. It is mostly related to forests as many factors, such as fires and environment pollution, damages and threatens them. Ecosystems are united by the similar areal of animals and plants therefore sometimes they are out of balance when some species of flora and fauna are exterminated. In our times, the extermination of several species is the natural process. First of all, it negatively influences the balance of an ecosystem and leads to its destruction. When some species is completely exterminated from an ecosystem it destructs it totally, and breaks the balance of it. The most striking examples nowadays are arctic and Antarctic biomes, which suffer from the global warming when the glaciers are melting. Also, tropical forests in Africa turn into deserts. Biomes are fully dependent on ecosystems, and the extermination of one species cannot harm it in a way as it destructs an ecosystem.

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