A Wedding Ceremony

The function was held in a closed indoor venue at the Walton House Hotel in South Florida on the 15th of December, 2015. The event was a divine union of two hearts to form one harmonious marriage. The two individuals went down the aisle to exchange vows and consent to the obligations and responsibilities as it pertains to the married life. The attendance was through an invitation card because the reservation space was limited. Two of my friends Mike and Sarah had been dating for the two years since I was introduced to them in our school by one of my classmates. The wedding was colorful, and everyone envied it. The colors were perfectly selected to match the event and the maid’s wedding attire. We celebrated to the fullest, and we were met with a cordial reception and treatment. Food and drinks were at our disposal. The music and entertainment sector were excellently coordinated.

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The management and organization structure of the hotel was fantastic. The decorations and directions were very clear and conspicuous. The attendants were very friendly and helpful. The entrances and exits were well marked with directional arrows showing the major sections of the hotel. The washrooms were well labeled and differentiated to make all guests at the function comfortable. From all over the place, one could realize the adequately and strategically placed security personnel. They were perfectly ready to deal with any mishap arising from within and outside. The hotel had enough parking spaces for the motor cars present. The park was well protected to ensure the safety of the available vehicles and their components. The accommodation was provided for the visitors who had traveled from distance places. The houses were smart and appealing. The beds were well spread and prepared to make rest of any guest comfortable.

The ceremony was attended by about one hundred and fifty participants from different parts of the nation. The guests comprised close family members, colleagues, and friends. Their movement and control were well coordinated to enable a smooth flow of the people and the vehicles. Those having the wedding invitation cards were ushered to the different sitting location depending on the category of the invitation. Once the marriage ceremony started, the entrance doors were closed to exclude any gate clashes and to make sure that only those who are invited accessed the venue.

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The guests were of different age composition with the majority being young boys and girls. Everybody behaved responsibly, helping to facilitate a peaceful celebration and full utilization of the bright day. Everyone was very peaceful, and the whole event was successful. There was adequate preparedness by the security detail to handle any form of misconduct of the guests.

All sorts of food stuff were served to the guests’ satisfaction. People had access to food as much as they were able to eat. Soft drinks were served during the better part of the day, but alcoholic beverages were served later on the day after the children and minors had left. Those consuming alcohol were separated from the others, and beer was served in the open bar. The payment was already advanced, so everybody had the authority to take as much as they could handle. Despite the significant amount of beer available at the function, everybody behaved so well that the management sent a congratulation message to the event organizers for the acceptable conduct. The hotel attendants were always available to assist in the services and to offer the necessary assistance to the party members.

Through the compliments received from the hotel management and all the participants, it was clear that the event was successful. There were no reported cases of theft and misconduct during the whole event. The function extended to the following morning, but everybody was comfortable and satisfied. However, from my point of view, this kind of activity should not be held in a closed-door place. Due to the large number of people, it was necessary to hold the event in an open-air space for free air circulation. It is a health issue to confine an enormous crowd of people in a closed private function without taking into consideration the aspect of air supply. The other risk associated with an indoor activity where people of all the ages are included is a possible exhibition of unwanted behaviors in the presence of the children, especially when people get drunk. Those consuming alcohol should have been taken to a separate place where the children could not see them.

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The event should have been held in an open place with few participants to limit the risk of fatalities in case of any misfortune. An open place gives people the chance to escape, as well as give them a chance to view an enemy who may have bad plans. People who have weapons can be easily identified on their arrival if an event is in an open place. The appropriate action would be taken in a timely manner to avert any serious problems.

Due to the increasing terrorist activities in the world, it is very dangerous to gather people in one closed-door place due to security issues. This kind of event is risky because fire can start from the electric appliances used at the function. Terrorist groups can also take advantage of the large crowds to conduct their malicious activities.

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