Do We Need UAE Editions of Magazines?

Magazines are written media that offers information to the members of the general public. In magazines people find entertainment, advertisements, advice, and news. In the current century citizens have the right of acquiring information and the freedom of expression. Therefore, it is about time that the United Arab Emirates administration should allow and establish UAE editions of magazines. Magazines help with sustaining the culture, teaching the young people about the ways of life, and updating readers on different issues. The paper will focus on the United Arab Emirates and the need to have UAE editions of magazines. It will incorporate arguments on the issue of determining the application of ethics and ethical theories in this case.

From a professional view, ethics can be termed as moral philosophy (Miller, 2009). It involves defending, systematizing, and recommending concepts of wrong and right conduct. Today the United Arab Emirates have become a cosmopolitan area of residence. This fact is supported by the establishment of a strong investment environment that attracts funds from all corners of the world. It is evident that in UAE many cultures have come together. This feature compromises the moral philosophy of young people. The past regimes have focused on editions and magazines of a western culture as misleading children and the youths concerning the issues of sexuality and exposure of children to unethical considerations. However, it is a stereotype that has no sound support.

Most people residing in Dubai come from the same culture and the local communities. Therefore, they need locally published magazine editions that can help them maintain their culture, educate their children, and promote moral philosophy among the community members. As explained in ethical theories, the community needs to come up with ethical solutions of dealing with challenging situations that people encounter (Mackie 1990). The development of Dubai as an international business center has attracted people from different places. Such growth can promote difficult situations among the residents of United Arab Emirates. Therefore, establishment of UAE editions of magazines can act as a good solution for these problems and ensure that ethical issues of the society are not compromised.

Virtue ethics offers further explanation of the situation. It states that in every situation ethical principles should ensure that the least possible harm is done to the society. Legal issues need to be set in place to ensure that the editions of magazines do not go against the rules of the country or the culture. It will prevent the magazines’ edition from bringing harm to any person, but instead will be a beneficial way of maintaining ethics in business, organizations, as well as personal life. Ethical principles also involve the principle of beneficence. It means that in every situation a person has the option to do whatever is a good priority. The UAE editions of magazines are needed, since this is the best option for the community to save itself. The current situation involves wearing right clothes, sticking to the right religion, advertisement media, and information communication center (Baqgini & Fosl, 2007).

Every moral theory must have an approach that indicates how to handle practical decisions. Moral theories have a responsibility of shaping individual attitudes towards other people, life choices, and belief systems. A magazine that can help those residing in Dubai to respect others despite having different origins is needed. UAE editions of magazines can freely publish information about different belief systems in order to assist the residents with making the best choice that is fair for them and the society in general. This idea applies according to the moral theory of utilitarianism (Roger, 2011).

All actions have consequences. However, actions can have positive or negative ethical results. As emphasized by the theory of deontology, the consequences of the community beliefs and actions should be faced relating them to the choices according to obligations and responsibilities. UAE editions of magazines should be charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the residents of Dubai do not conduct themselves in unethical ways because of their obligations or moral responsibilities. A locally edited magazine will have many readers and sponsors compared to the magazines from other parts of the world. Therefore, they will have more influence on the local communities (Singer, 2001). This factor will make it a good tool for emphasizing moral conduct in the life of the residents of Dubai.

Ethical theories discuss virtue as ethic theory that makes people take responsibility for their action. UAE editions of magazines will serve as a formal way of enlightening the residents concerning the application of virtue theory, where unethical position of an individual will be considered as a reputation. Here, the editions of the magazine will serve as a tool of promoting moral philosophy in the society and emphasizing the issue of personal responsibility in the community. Aristotle et al., emphasized autonomy and respect in the ethical theories (2011). Every ethical theory should allow individuals to control themselves and make decisions that are applicable to their lives. Past regimes in the United Arab Emirates have discouraged the establishment of UAE edition magazines. The reason is that magazines can influence many people to change their lifestyles, beliefs or cultural conduct. However, the principle of ethics requires people to restrain themselves and make mature decisions (Miller, 2009). Therefore, it should not be considered as a liability to come up with UAE editions magazines. Every resident of the area has the responsibility of controlling his conduct and making personal decisions. It is only an individual who can have a complete understanding of the lifestyle that suits him best.

To sum up, it is a necessity to focus on legal issues, ethical standards, and media laws before establishing the magazines’ editions. It is important to vet the editors of the magazines to ensure that the editorial magazines provide information that is ethical and acceptable by law. As written in the ethical theories, the editors, columnists’ and authors of the magazines should be held responsible for any unethical misconduct reported.

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