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Additional Services that Our Online Custom Writing Company Offers

Progressive Delivery of the Orders

Progressive delivery is one of our unique services offered by our custom writing company. This service is aimed at managing complex works (for instance, 20+ pages double-spaced and 10+ pages single-spaced).

Advantages that each customer will be able to get:

  • The writing process is easily monitored by the customer. Our writers send the drafts of the works so that the customer will be able to approve them and give some remarks or directions, if necessary.
  • 30 days of free revisions are guaranteed only by our custom writing company (simple works are supposed to be revised within 1 or 2 days).
  • Only highly experienced, well-trained and skilled staff, authors, and editors.
  • A very responsible manager is to assist in the process of communication that takes place between our writers and our customers. 

The way of draft delivery *:

  • for an order with 4-day urgency– we provide one draft within 50% of the paper deadline. For instance, if the customer sets a 4-day deadline, the draft is supposed to be completed in 2 days. The draft volume should be about 25% of the ready paper. For instance, if the work is to be 40 pages, the draft should comprise 10 pages.
  • for an order with 5-11 days of urgency – 2 drafts should be prepared within 25% and 50% of the final work deadline. The draft volume should be 25% and 50% of the final paper.
  • for an order with more than 12 days of urgency – three should be sent by the writer within 25%, 50%, 75% of the order deadline and in the volume of 25%, 50%, 75% of the total paper respectively.

This service costs +15% to the total sum of the order.

* If the customer requires that his / her order is written, delivered or completed in a unique way, he / she should provide our company with all the details in advance. Our company is always ready to satisfy our customers’ needs and requirements in the best ways possible.  

Short Orders (less than 20 Pages): Additional Services

One-Page Summary Service

If the customer is interested in getting a summary of his / her work, he / she is offered to order a 1-page summary service. In a 1-page summary, only the most significant information of the completed paper will be provided by our writers.

Draft of the Ordered Paper

A one-page draft, either double spaced (300 words) or single spaced (600 words), is provided by the writers in case the customer orders such a service. If 50% of the order deadline has been over, a one-page draft should be prepared by the writer and sent to the customer. For instance, if the urgency of the paper ordered is 1 day, the draft should be ready in 12 hours.

Extended Revisions of the Papers

Free revisions within the period of 48 hours are provided exclusively by our custom writing company. We do guarantee extended revisions that can comprise up to 14 days!

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